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Embark on an unforgettable adventure to Calakmul, one of the major capitals of the Maya world and one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of the last century. Immerse yourself in the majestic jungle surrounding this historical site, home to vibrant wildlife including monkeys, toucans, ocellated turkeys, deer, and, with a bit of luck, jaguars and pumas.

If you are starting from Xpujil, our journey begins with a drive of approximately 2 hoursinto the deep biosphere reserve of Calakmul (4 hours if coming from a Campeche or Bacalar). As we venture into this protected area, you'll have the unique opportunity to observe the endemic flora and fauna, breathing in the pure air that defines this natural landscape.

Upon arriving at the archaeological site, you will enjoy a walking tour lasting between 2 and 3 hours. During this exploration, our expert guides will provide insightful interpretations about the meanings and uses of the buildings you encounter, as well as fascinating details about the history of Calakmul during the Classic Maya Period.

After exploring, relax and refuel with a picnic right at the archaeological site. Surrounded by ancient monuments and the tranquility of the jungle, it’s the perfect moment to enjoy an outdoor meal and contemplate the beauty of the location.


This tour is not just an excursion; it is a total immersion in a peaceful and unique natural environment. If you are looking to disconnect from daily life and connect with nature and history, this journey through Calakmul is the perfect choice for you.

Join us at Ka’an Expeditions, where we combine a passion for history with a love for nature, offering experiences that not only educate but also inspire.


With over 12 years of experience and a commitment to sustainability, we guarantee that your visit to Calakmul will be profoundly memorable and respectful of the region's delicate ecosystem.




View from Structure II at Calakmul Archaeolgcal Site



10% OFF

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Departing Xpujil

U$D 130

Departing Bacalar or Chetumal U$D 190

Departing Campeche

 U$D 223

*Prices are in USD Dollars


Transportation to/from hotel (pick up only in the downtown area)

All the entrance fees

Water, juices and sodas

Picnic lunch (13:30 h approx.)

English speaking certified guide 

Time spent at site: Between 2 and 3 hours.


Departing Xpujil 07:30 h -17:00 h

Departing Campeche 05:00 h - 20:00 h

Departing Bacalar or Chetumal 06:30 h -20:00 h

Please be aware that due to roadworks associated with the Maya Train project on the access roads to Calakmul, you may experience increased traffic and longer waiting times.


The total duration of the tour, from departure to return to the starting city, is only an estimate and may vary depending on these conditions.

We recommend checking the estimated travel distances and times before making your booking to ensure they meet your travel expectations and needs.

Shared tours. Min.2 - Max.9 

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