Travel the roads of the ancient Mayan city of Calakmul, one of the main capitals of the Mayan world and one of the largest archeological findings of the Twentieth Century. Discover the exuberant wildlife among the surrounding jungle, where you can spot monkeys, toucans, ocellated turkeys, deer and, if lucky, jaguars and pumas.

We'll drive for approximately one and a half hours, entering the Biosphere Reserve, where the ancient Mayan capital of Calakmul lies. The road opens unique chances to spot flora and fauna endemic to the region. The clean  and fresh air makes for a full immersion trip into nature.

In the archeological site, we will walk through the paths for approximately four hours while telling you all about the meanings and uses of the buildings, as well as the history of this significant Mayan city from the Classic period.


If you’re looking for a full day immersed in a quiet and unique natural environment, this tour is a must.​




View from Structure II at Calakmul Archaeolgcal Site

Transportation to/from hotel

Entrance fees



English speaking certified guide 

Time spent at Arch. site: 4 hrs.

Departing Xpujil 07:30 h -17:00 h

Departing Campeche 05:00 h - 20:00 h

Departing Bacalar or Chetumal 06:00 h -18:30 h

Departing Xpujil: U$D 91.5

Departing Campeche: U$D 171

Departing Bacalar or Chetumal: U$D 161

*Prices are in USD Dollars

ADD-ON ACTIVITIES*** (45 min approx)
  • Bat cave**: Watch millions of bats flying out to feed at sundown. The flapping sounds of these mammals is hypnotic and becomes a unique natural spectacle.

  • Balam Kú: Visit one of the stucco friezes of the Classic period, located inside one of the few buildings still open to the public. Its size will surely amaze you.

  • Short jungle hike: In this walking tour into the jungle, we'll get near a water pool attended by local fauna seeking a fresh drink. Remember the importance of being noiseless during animal sightings.

*First people to book the tour have the chance to choose the extra activity.

**If bat cave activity chosen, tour departure time varies, so that we can be there by sunset which is when the bats come out. Not available with rain forecast. ***Only available when departing Xpujil.