View from Structure VII at Calakmul
View of Structure II at Calakmul
Guided tours to Calakmul
Howler monkeys at Calakmul
Coatimundi at Calakmul
Jungle panoramic at Calakmul
Structure II at Calakmul
Hiking at Calakmul
Ocellated turkeys at Calakmul
Jungle all the way to the horizon
Boat billed heron at Calakmul



A unique Maya Capital City hidden deep in the largest jungle in Mexico





you can travel through time while climbing the structures of one of the largest and most important Maya city of all times.

At the same time become ecologically aware, surrounded by an exuberant landscape in the largest tropical reserve in Mexico, part of the second most biodiverse place in América.

It is here where Ka’an Expeditions runs a diverse menu of services for travelers with an adventurous spirit, eager to know other cultures, ecosystems and willing to appreciate the biodiversity of the Mexican Southeast.

Travelers are our friends and friends are welcomed with open doors and open hearts. We will make your stay at Calakmul the most human, warm and fun ever!

Calakmul wildlife





Monkey at Calakmul




Tour to Calakmul

Join us on this full day tour to the magnificent Calakmul Archaeological Site. Submerged deep in the jungle, its a great place to see wildlife such as toucans, parrots, monkeys, deer, wild pigs, even a jaguar if you are lucky.

Location: Calakmul Archaeological Site

Languages: English, Spanish

All included

Departures from: Xpujil, Campeche, Bacalar and Chetumal

Extra activities available: Bat cave, Balam-kú, Jungle hike

Prices start at:


*Price may vary depending on the departure city for the tour

Local communities in Calakmul

Visit a maya community next to the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. Learn about their culture and traditions while they teach you how to make handcrafts, tortillas and to harvest honey.

Location:  Village 20 de Noviembre

Languages: Spanish

All included

Departures from: Xpujil

Extra activities available: N/A

Prices start at:


*Price may vary depending on the departure city for the tour

Hiking at Calakmul

Sunrise is the best time to see wildlife in the jungle, as animals are hungry and eager to find some food. Join us on a hike where you will learn all about the local flora and fauna of the 2nd most important jungle in America.

Location: Calakmul Biosphere Reserve

Languages: English, Spanish

All included

Departures from: Xpujil

Extra activities available: N/A

Prices start at:


*Price may vary depending on the departure city for the tour

Oxpemul and Rio Bec Achaeological Sites

Visit an unexcavated archaeological site. Get an idea of the archaeologist work to restore this amazing buildings. Access to these sites is restricted and 4x4 vehicles are needed. *Hiking into site available: 20+km

Location: Oxpemul or Río Bec

Languages: English, Spanish

All included

Departures from: Xpujil, Campeche, Bacalar and Chetumal

Extra activities available: Hormiguero or Balam-kú

Prices start at:


*Price may vary depending on the departure city for the tour

Becan Archaeological Site

Visit Xpujil, Becán and Chicanná ruins, and their magnificent and unique palatial architecture. After we will visit a local community where you can learn how local handcrafts are made and buy directly from the artisans. 

Location: Xpujil, Becán, Chicanná, Village.

Languages: English, Spanish

All included

Departures from: Xpujil, Campeche, Bacalar and Chetumal

Extra activities available: Hormiguero

Prices start at:


*Price may vary depending on the departure city for the tour




Discover the amazing stucco masks of Kohunlich, an ancient Maya city full of located 70 km West of Bacalar. Dzibanché and Kinichná, probably one of the first capitals for the Ka´an Dynasty. 

Location: Kohunlich, Dzibanché and Kinichná

Languages: English, Spanish

All included

Departures from: Bacalar

Extra activities available: N/A

Prices start at:


*Price may vary depending on the departure city for the tour



Three different things are called Calakmul, so it´s important to understand the difference: 

  Calakmul Archaeological Site

  Calakmul Biosphere Reserve

  Calakmul Municipality

The Calakmul Municipality is the largest of them. The BioReserve is inside the Municipality, and the Archeological site inside the BioReserve.

Xpujil is the largest town with the most tourist services in the Calakmul Municipality.


Most people are here to visit the Calakmul Archaeological Site. 


To get there it is important to consider that the site is 110 kilometers away from Xpujil. If you are driving, allow yourself  1.5hrs for this trip.

The road is not in very good conditions so drive slowly and enjoy the view.​​



Don´t forget to visit the Natural History and Archeology Museum located 40 kilometers before getting to the site.


The beautiful facility and its unique nature and archeology collections work as an excellent introduction before visiting the site.


Entrance and tours are free, and this is the last place where you can buy water and food supplies.


The Biosphere Reserve of Calakmul is humid and hot, so climate conditions might be adverse for some visitors.


We recommend carrying enough water and food at all times. One liter of water per person is the minimum recommended.

Do not go on the BioReserve trails by yourself. Always with an authorized guide.


 Play it safe. Guarantee your experience by hiring bilingual certified guides and licensed touroperators.


There are 3 fees to pay when visiting Calakmul:

#1 at the turn off the highway. Community fee $60 pesos per person.

#2 Located 20km ahead of the first payment. Biosphere Reserve fee $90 pesos per person. 

#3 At the archaeological site. $80 pesos per person.

In total you will pay $230 pesos per person.



A vast and uniform green savanna extends hundreds of kilometers far beyond our sight. The contrast between the deep greens and the cosmic blues of the sky is spellbinding. The Calakmul reserve is so enormous; Singapore could fit 10 times within its territory. It is home to flora and fauna only possible to spot within this region, such as spider monkeys, howler monkeys, deer, peccaries, turkeys, jaguars, pumas and ocelots.


The Calakmul region has no match. It houses the largest tropical reserve in Mexico and a large archaeological site that extends for 32 square kilometers. Around 6,000 ancient structures lie as a reminiscence of one of the most important and largest cities of the Mayan civilization. It is known that Calakmul was the capital of the Kingdom of the Serpent. Also known as the Kingdom of  Ka’an, it was the main adversary of the powerful Tikal.


In 2014 Calakmul was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in the Mixed Category (Nature/Culture), acknowledging its unique and unrepeatable value in the relation established between Mayan Culture and nature. This heritage covers an area of 300 thousand hectares and has about 350 archeological sites; most of them are still closed to the public.


The archeological zone was discovered in 1931 while raw material was extracted to produce gum. Calakmul emerged during the Middle Preclassical and extended its hegemony until its decline in the Late Classic period.



From Campeche

The state capital is located at 300 kilometers from Xpujil at Calakmul.


The city by itself is worth visiting and staying for a couple of days at least.


There is an international airport here, but flights to this destination are usually above expensive.

First and second class buses available. Second class tickets only available at bus station.

From Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Bacalar and Chetumal

For this route Cancún is the furthest starting point.

If you start in Cancún, consider at least one day for traveling by car, since 460 kilometers separate one place from the other, resulting in a six hour  drive.

If you arrive by domestic airlines, the closest airport to Calakmul is in Chetumal.

From Merida

Mérida is the state capital of Yucatán and one of this peninsula's largest and most important urban centers.


It is renowned for its architecture, gastronomy and people.


If your trip begins here, you should prepare for a half a day ride.

No direct buses from Mérida. Stopover at Campeche.

From Palenque

Palenque, as Calakmul is one of the most important and extraordinary Mayan archeological sites of all. 


Located in the state of Chiapas, its part of the same Mayan Route as Calakmul.


When coming from Palenque allow yourself at least a 4hrs trip. 

No direct buses from Palenque. Stopover at Escárcega.





We are always trying to improve our service so that we are constantly evolving and creating unforgettable memories of Calakmul to even the most demanding travellers.

Our most valuable asset to continue improving:

Our guests reviews.



Due to the present and future scenarios of global warming and climate change, we at Ka´an Expeditions have taken the decision to become a Neutral Carbon company. Meaning that all the direct CO2 (carbon dioxide) that our activities generate, will be neutralized by assuring that the same amount of gases remain collected or captured in the jungles of Calakmul, ensuring that these are not released to the atmosphere.


We have calculated the volume of emissions that our vehicles generate throughout one year, and have designated an area of jungle in the Valentín Gómez Farías community, Calakmul, Campeche, that will be taken care of and destined to its conservation to neutralize Ka´an Expeditions´s carbon footprint.




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Where do the tours depart from?

As we are based in Xpujil, most of our tours depart from here, although we also have daily tours departing Campeche City, Bacalar and Chetumal. Price may vary depending on departure city. All tours includes round trip to the departure city selected. *Tours subject to availability.

Can I be dropped off at a different city from where I started the tour?

Yes! You can be dropped off at Xpujil for no extra cost if you started at a different city. For other cities there´s an extra cost for the private transportation service. Please contact us for pricing.

I´m a solo traveler, can I join your tours?

Yes! If there´s another tour already organized for that same date you can join them. Our website booking system will allow you to buy 1 ticket if there´s another tour. If not, we can put you on a wait list, or else you can pay for the minimum 2 tickets for a private tour. As we are based in Xpujil, and most our tours depart from here, you have more chances to join a tour if you start from here. Please contact us if you want to be added to the waitlist.

What are the extra activities and how do they work?

Extra activities are available with certain tours, and they have an extra cost. You will be offered the ones available during your booking process on our website. * Please consider that the first people to book the tour have the chance to choose the extra activities for that day. So you would have to take these activities chosen by the first people to book. Because our online booking system is not able to update this information, if theres a previous booking with extra activities on the date we receive your tour request, we will write to let you know which are the extra activities. Once we hear back, and depending on your answer we can either accept your request, or process a swift refund of your deposit. If you want to make sure first what extra activities we have available before you book, please contact us.

What is included in the tours?

All is included in our tours. We pick you up at your hotel and drop you off after the tour. Entrance fees and permits is all taken care of on our side. Water, sodas, and picnics (for full day tours) is also thought of so you are well nurtured to enjoy the activity! Certified vehicles and drivers, and bilingual certified guides is also included in all our tours. *Read exactly what´s included on each tour on their description.




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